Our History

The Warren County Arts Council was founded on April 20, 1999 in order to promote and increase appreciation for the arts in Warren County. Warren County is a rural county with a rich history, and is home to several artistic traditions. From the vibrant quilting community in Warrenton to the traditions of the Haliwa-Saponi peoples in Hollister, we have a legacy of arts that we want to celebrate. The Arts Council also aims to bring in diverse and new artistic perspectives, and to fuse the old with the new. Some of our recent projects have done just this: “Patterns That Bind,” a quilt block installation at the corner of Market and Front Streets, is a modern tribute to the legacy and symbolism of quilt squares in Warren County. In front of that installation is the Garden Whispers Sculpture, a modern interactive installation that is based on the Carolina Lily quilt pattern. The intention is for 2 people to stand at and then speak into the flowers to (share in the wonder of nature).

WCAC members Alex Borst and Thomas Park talking through Warrenton’s first public art installation

WCAC members Alex Borst and Thomas Park talking through Warrenton’s first public art installation

Our Goals

The Arts Council is also involved in enabling people to create art for themselves! We have grants for local artists to apply for and hands-on arts opportunities at local movie nights and town festivals. All of this culminates on Public Arts Day, which is a celebration of the arts in our local community.

Thanks to donors and supporters like you, we are imagining bigger and bolder ways to connect the arts with our community. Stay tuned for more projects, and thank you so much for your support and participation in fostering the arts in Warren County, NC.

Our Board Members

Charla Duncan, Chairperson

Cathy Wiggins, Vice Chair

Alex Borst, Treasurer

Michelle Fockler, Secretary

Victoria Lehman, Events Chair

Crystal Myrick

Jorge Antonio

Magnolia Clanton

Lamont Dozier

Thomas Park

Wadie Ryan


How do I become a board member?

To become a board member of the Warren County Arts Council, please send an email to warrencountyartscouncil@gmail.com with you contact information and a paragraph about why you would like to serve as a board member. Once we have received your email, we will invite you to attend one of our meetings and then vote on your membership at the proceeding meeting.